AI, IP Rights, and Iron Man’s Jarvis

The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) has raised many questions about its integration into society. One of the most intriguing being the issue of intellectual property (IP) rights. In the context of the blockbuster film “Iron Man,” this article explores whether Jarvis, the AI that assists Tony Stark, should be entitled to the Iron Man armor’s IP rights. By examining the film’s portrayal of Jarvis, … Continue reading AI, IP Rights, and Iron Man’s Jarvis

Leadership in Ted Lasso – “Biscuits”

If the first episode of Ted Lasso demonstrated what Ted Lasso’s leadership philosophy is, the second episode of the Apple+ series explores how that philosophy is put into practice. Throughout the show, Ted builds and fosters relationships at every level of the team, from upper management (represented by Rebecca and Higgins), his peers and staff (represented by Coach Beard and Nate), the players of AFC Richmond themselves, and the … Continue reading Leadership in Ted Lasso – “Biscuits”

Star Trek: Picard and Millennial Disenchantment

The first episode of Star Trek: Picard hit Paramount+ just after midnight, and this elder millennial feels wistful. The most-aged cohort of millennials, born in 1983, is just old enough to remember and have fleeting memories of the early episodes of TNG. For them, Picard is the elder statesman captain they were raised on. If the first two seasons of Picard were an attempt at … Continue reading Star Trek: Picard and Millennial Disenchantment